Выставка STERSOFIA Lifestyle

| 21.10.2017

В Софии в Галерее Gifted проходит выставка STERSOFIA Lifestyle! На суд зрителям представлены более 70 жизненных снимков из Софии, Копенгагена и Москвы!

“Less talk, more action.”

Don’t just take his word for it, STER SOFIA really means business. A highly motivated man full of ideas, he is the most active writer I’ve met and one of the most active people in general. Between 2013-2016 STER went out painting on the streets every day for nearly 3 full years – 1059 consecutive days to be precise. Not long ago he discovered his interest for film photography and began documenting his daily life. He practices various sports, draws illustrations, tattoos people, screen-prints, creates his own merch, publishes zines and recently – his first photo book.

The exhibition follows STER on his trips between Sofia, Copenhagen and Moscow. We’ll take a detour from popular tourist spots in order to appreciate the atmosphere of his lifestyle. See the places where STER’s interests have taken him to. Meet the people he met along his way. Be his look-out when he’s out painting.

Kurator : Konstantin Radev

Адрес: Bulgaria, Sofia, Ivan Denkoglu 24, Gifted gallery

Выставка продлится до 26 октября!