Интервью с Kaos (VIMOA, TD)

| 14.02.2013

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию видео интервью с одним из самых легендарных шведских граффити райтеров – Kaos (VIMOA, TD)! Он начал рисовать в 1985 году и на данный момент имеет почти 30 летний опыт в граффити, его работы это всегда интересное сочетание форм и цвета. Приятного просмотра!

Текст интервью на английском:

0:00 I’m writing Kaos (Chaos)
0:05 and I have been painting
0:10 since 1985.
0:16 The first time that i tried using spraypaint I painted on a footpath. We bought some spraypaint
0:21 and went outside to spray on the ground. But we understood that we couldn’t paint on the ground
0:26 so now we wanted to paint on a wall. We sold some cookies to be able buying spraycans
0:31 and then we did a big piece
0:36 on the ice-skating hall in Uppsala. We wrote “graffburners”. The year was 1985.
0:42 This was back when graffiti was kind of a new thing among the kids here in sweden. I think that I was in the perfect age to start painting graffiti.
0:49 I was 13 or 14 years old and thought that the graffiti lifestyle seemed really cool.
0:55 I think that it looks really nice when someone is using spraypaint
1:00 so I think it was kind of natural for me to start painting graffiti.
1:05 I think that there is a risk with whatever your are doing
1:20 so I don’t think that there is such a big risk in painting graffiti on trains.
1:28 I think my style maybe is bit adapted to painting trains and the specific circumstances when you are painting doing it.
1:34 I like trains, I really think that graffiti looks good on trains. But that is just my opinion,
1:39 everyone has different opinions.
1:44 I have always been painting so it’s a normal thing in my everyday life.
1:49 When i’m not painting or working i’m usually with my family doing the things
1:54 that we like to do.
1:59 Graffiti has shaped my everyday life and the reason why I live like I do today is the graffiti culture.
2:05 My everyday life is about art most of the time i’m awake.
2:10 Like 90 percent of my time that i’m awake
2:15 I am thinking about art, trying to do art or make plans for new art that I wanna do.
2:20 Sometimes it can be a bit tough to get everything to workout, but in the end it usually does.
2:25 I think that it’s very important to paint canvas
2:30 to be able to develop as an artist. A lot of the things
2:35 that I paint on canvas comes from ideas that I have come up with while painting some wall or a train.
2:41 It’s the same when i’m painting a train or a wall. Then I can have ideas that has come up when i’ve been painting a canvas.
2:46 It’s a natural part of the life as an artist
2:51 to be able to paint canvas. And I think that it’s really nice during the winter to paint canvas.
2:56 For me it’s as important to paint canvas as it is to paint on walls et cetera.
3:01 I don’t think that you can stop painting on for an example walls and replace it with painting canvas.
3:06 I want to be able to paint a bit of everything.
3:32 I really think that I did a good choose to start painting graffiti.
3:37 Everyday i’m so pleased that I started painting.
3:42 Even though i’ve had some adversity
3:47 graffiti has always given me strength in the end.